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An Introduction to The Big Hug

How The Big Hug Was Developed

Practitioner's Guide to The Big Hug

The Big Hug™ aids in redirecting the energy of those w/special needs, particularly those with autism or cognitive disabilities.

Dr. Terry Grall, Retired Director of Research and Development, saw a need for something to help parents, educators and practitioners calm children when they experience a sensory agitation or break-down.

The Big Hug is adjustable to accomodate a wide variety of users and their individual needs. This video provides tips on using and caring for The Big Hug.

An Introduction to The Big Hug How The Big Hug Was Developed How To Use The Big Hug
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Video Overview

  • Provides lasting benefits that help positively impact an entire classroom
  • Students can choose their own comfort level with 5 separate, adjustable body wraps
  • Students can release The Big Hug body wraps on their own
  • Everything is hand made by the Consumer Care team in Wisconsin

Video Overview

  • The idea behind The Big Hug
  • Introducing to students
  • Working it into the daily routine
  • Promoting calm behavior
  • Positive impacts on entire class
  • Using a timer to assist some students
  • Students independently request to use The Big Hug
  • Separate, adjustable wraps to fit individual needs
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Easy for students to get in and out of

Video Overview

  • It is meant to help prevent negative behavior and should not be used as a disciplinary tool
  • Works alone or in conjunction with other Functional Forms offered by Consumer Care
  • Can be used in prone position
  • Removable wraps can be used one at a time for a student who is seated or wheelchair-bound
  • All surfaces should be routinely cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner