At Consumer Care we have years of experience working with the disabled population and professionals in the field.

We understand the challenges that you face as a physical therapist. Our products are designed to assist you as you work to provide your clients with restored function, improved mobility, and pain relief with the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing physical disability in patients suffering from injury or disease.

A popular product line for the physical therapist is our Functional Forms™.

They are designed for multi–purpose therapeutic positioning. Functional Forms™ are specifically designed to be versatile and applicable to a wide range of therapies and are used frequently. We designed them to last and they are constructed of anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, water resistant, and breathable nylon that is easy to clean.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team is ready for your call. Let us assist you in finding the right products for your practice. If you would like to see our Functional Forms™ or any of our products and are located in the Wisconsin area, we would love to come demonstrate them for you.