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Do you know someone that could use a BIG HUG?

This exceptional Functional Form Therapeutic Aid was ergonomically designed to calm, reorganize and redirect the energy of children and adults living with autism or who are cognitively disabled and would benefit from deep pressure therapy.

The Big Hug has been found to be effective because it allows the caregiver to simultaneously apply different amounts of soft, wrap-around pressure to five separate areas of the body. The caregiver or user is then able to release the Big Hug’s wraps after the desired amount of individualized sensory needs are obtained.

Look at what these two teachers had to say about the BIG HUG being used in their classroom:

" Although we have several students using this tool, the Big Hug has had a significant impact on behavior and learning for one student in particular, who is on the autism spectrum. He has gone from having several meltdowns daily to being able to stay within the general education setting and participate in learning, provided he gets his regularly scheduled “Big Hug Breaks”. I asked him why he thought it has made such a difference for him, and his answer was “It relaxes me. When my body is relaxed, my mind can work.” This has become such an essential tool for him and made such a positive impact with our staff that we recently purchase an additional Big Hug for another elementary school. Thank you for this terrific tool!"

- Tiffany Syverson, Occupational Therapist
Austin Public Schools

"The Big Hug has become an essential piece of equipment in my classroom. As a teacher of moderate/severe special needs children with sensory disorders, it has been a positive aspect to developing the emotional safety of my students. I have two autistic students whom use the Big Hug on a daily basis. One child has a voice output device called a DynaVox, on which I have programmed a green caterpillar (the Big Hug). When he becomes agitated he gets his device and finds the page with the picture and pushes “I need the Big Hug.” After “resting” for thirty minutes he is much more calm and ready to continue on with his day."

- Mary Kay Van Deraa, Teacher
West Allis, WI

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The Big Hug is not only for use in classrooms! Both children and adults are using the Big Hug in their home as well.

When we emailed a customer who recently purchased the Big Hug to ask how it was working for their son, they replied back “I showed our son your email and he responded by clapping. Then he gave a “thumbs up”!"

Features & Benefits of the Big Hug

  • - Five individual, adjustable body wraps allow for range of pressure to vary across the body
  • - Lightweight, portable and folds in half for easy storage
  • - Users are able to release Velcro style hook and loop straps whether hands are outside of Big Hug or are alongside body and wrapped inside
  • - Includes adjustable waist belt and cushioned shoulder straps for application of downward pressure
  • - Horseshoe shaped pillow for additional safe, head control for lying in supine position
  • - Easy to use, clean, adjust and fit properly
  • - Made with comfortable, institutional quality, water-resistant materials that exceed CAL 117 fire codes and are treated with bacterial and mold retardants

To get a better idea of how beneficial the Big Hug is, please take a moment to view our Big Hug informational videos.

The Big Hug Product Videos - Click to view!

We love to hear back from those who have purchased the Big Hug. If you previously purchased a Big Hug and have a success story you would like to share, please contact us today!

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