Floor Sitter

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This easy-to-use floor sitter offers the same positioning benefits as heavier-weight models while reducing the physical demands on the caregiver. Six adjustable positioning aids accommodate the needs of each client and facilitate upright and aligned posture. Aids attach/detach quickly and easily with touch fasteners. Locking, twin-wheel casters provide smooth, easy movement.

This package includes the following functional forms:
1 leg roll
1 abduction roll
2 hip supports
2 scapular supports
1 Seatbelt

Supports and rolls are made of anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, water resistant, breathable nylon that is made specifically for health care applications and is easy to wipe clean with neutral soap suds and lukewarm water. Then rinse and dry. Soft, washable anti-slip surface on bottom. Meets CAL 117 fire regulations. No latex.

Optional Butterfly Shaped Chest Support

  • Small (17 in. - 20 in. Shoulder to Hip)
  • Medium (14 in. - 17 in. Shoulder to Hip)
  • Large (17 in. - 20 in. Shoulder to Hip)

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