Supported Supine Package - Large

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The Functional Forms Support Supine Package is used to stretch out rounded shoulders, improve alignment of the head and trunk and facilitate breathing and digestion.

This package includes the following functional forms:
Incline Wedge w/Straps (12 in. H x 24 in. W x 44 in. L)
Supine Leg Support (10 in. H1 x 16 in. H2 x 24 in.W x 13 in. L)
Roll (5.5 in. D x 18 in. L)

Seat depth (Back of knee to back of seat measurement): 16” – 20"

Upper Body Height (top of head to seat measurement): 31” – 37”

Made of anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, water resistant, breathable nylon that is made specifically for health care applications and is easy to wipe clean with neutral soap suds and lukewarm water. Then rinse and dry. Soft, washable anti-slip surface on bottom. Meets CAL 117 fire regulations. No latex. Also available in soft vinyl.

Package Details

Incline Wedge
Incline Wedges feature a 15 degree incline to help support user in an elevated supine resting position or an elevated prone position to allow for a more active, elevated head position while bearing weight on the forearms. Four adjustable straps can be used to assist in maintaining the trunk in a straight and aligned position.

Suppine Leg Support
The Functional Forms Supine Leg Support provides leg support for those with moderate to severe hip and knee flexion tightness.

The large assortment of Functional Forms Rolls with varying densities are used for a wide variety of positioning purposes. They provide elevation to relax the head and neck, knees, ankles, low back and more.

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