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Autism Awareness Month

April 1st, 2012

Happy Autism Awareness Month! (And Happy April Fool’s Day as well!)

Today marks the beginning of a month the Autism Society hopes to increase awareness about autism. Presently, about 1 in every 110 children in the United States is on the autism spectrum. There is still not a definitive answer as to why the number of children being diagnosed with Autism continues to rise each year.

To learn more about autism and Autism Awareness Month, please visit the Autism Society’s website:

Toys for Tots 2011

December 9th, 2011

In lieu of having our regular employee Secret Santa gift exchange this year, we are going to donate to Toys for Tots! We are very excited to be participating in such a great cause, making the holidays brighter for those less fortunate.

If you are in the SE Wisconsin area, feel free to stop by and make a donation to Toys for Tots box and we will make sure your donations reaches children in need! Toys must be received by Friday, December 16th and be new and unwrapped.

Cyber Monday 2011

November 28th, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday! Today until 11:59pm CST get 15% off the ENTIRE Consumer Care Products, LLC PRODUCT LINE! This includes The Big Hug - Deep Pressure Positioning Aid!!!!!!! Happy Shopping!! :) Mentoin code: CYBER2011 when ordering.

Happy Monday, Facebook Fans!

October 10th, 2011

Are you a fan of Consumer Care Products on Facebook?? Check out our Facebook page here! There's a special sale going on for all our fabulous Facebook fans!

Big Hug Featured in Autism Digest Magazine

July 2011

This month our Big Hug was featured in a Newsbite in Autism Digest Magazine:

Big Hug Breaks

When the classroom or the home gets too overwhelming for a spectrum child, deep pressure is often a sensory integration technique useful for calming an excited sensory system. World renown advocate and adult with autism, Dr. Temple Grandin, recognized the calming effects of deep pressure in her college years, designing and creating a squeeze machine that brought her immediate relief.

More recently, Consumer Care Products in Wisconsin saw a need for something more “user-friendly” to help parents, educators and practitioners calm children when they experience sensory agitation. Through his efforts, The Big Hug was born.

- Adjustable wraps fit different body sizes and needs

- Easy for students to get in and out of

- Students can choose their own comfort level with 5 adjustable body wraps

- Students can release The Big Hug body wraps on their own

- Different product sizes available to accommodate young children to adults

- Provides lasting benefits that help positively impact an entire classroom

- Lightweight; easy to transport and store

Find more information, including helpful videos and ideas for integrating The Big Hug into the daily routine at school, at the Consumer Care Products website,

Meeting Temple Grandin

May 2011

We had the privilege of meeting Temple Grandin at a conference in Milwaukee this month! She even took a moment from her busy schedule to try out the Big Hug! It was amazing…such an honor to meet such an important figure in the Autism world.

She said she enjoyed the Big Hug and asked lots of questions about it.

Check out this photo of Temple trying out the Big Hug:

The Big Hug

BIG HUG Giveaway News

December 21st, 2010

Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our Big Hug Giveaway this month! As I mentioned yesterday, it was so difficult to come up with just one winner. So, because of that we decided to offer anyone who participated in the giveaway a Big Hug at 50% OFF!!!!!!

We have NEVER EVER EVER had a sale THIS BIG! We just wanted to do a little something for those of you who didn't win. :)

When you place your order, just be sure to mention you were entered in the Big Hug Giveaway and you'll receive the 50% discount. This sale is good through 1/31/11.

BIG HUG Giveaway Winner!!

December 20th, 2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Big Hug Giveaway this month! We received sooo many heart warming entries. It was much more difficult to choose a winner than we expected.

We were able to come up with a winner though. The winner is Sandra Hurrell of Arkansas.

Here is Sandra’s entry: "I have three children with autism. My youngest son, Xavier, would really benefit from this since he is the most severe of the three. He is non verbal and has a habit of hurting himself. He craves deep pressure and likes getting behind people and having them lay back on him. I think that this could really benefit him, and myself as well. Getting one of my three autistic children calmed down is hard enough, when they are all three on a melt down this would be great. So please consider my son Xavier for the big hug give away. Thank you, Sandra Hurrell, Mother of Three Autistic Children"


BIG HUG Giveaway! - Win a Free Big Hug!!

Happy December!! It’s my favorite time of the year!

A time of giving, sharing, and enjoying time with loved ones.

This holiday season, Consumer Care Products is excited to GIVE – are you ready for this – a FREE BIG HUG!!! But YOU need to help us figure out who should receive it! Who do you know that benefits from deep pressure therapy? This can be your our son or daughter, your student, yourself even!

Check out the rest of the details on our Facebook page!

The Big Hug

Floor Desk Sale throughout December!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Consumer Care Products, LLC's deal for December = 10% off your entire order with the purchase of a Floor Desk! The Floor Desk™ is designed for those who need to floor sit, perform better at floor level or require special accommodations for access. Each size has an extra wide front opening to allow for easier access for both teacher/therapist and student. The Floor Desk is paired nicely with our Functional Forms Floor Sitter. The writing surface is height and angle adjustable to allow for both two and three-dimensional activities and maximum reading comfort. Each desk is handmade with real oak and a plastic edge trim. Our Floor Desks go great with our Floor Sitters (pictured below, sold separately.)

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November 29th, 2010

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November 22nd, 2010

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Deep Pressure and Heavy Activities for School Age Children

November 9th, 2010

Check out this great article with a HUGE list of ideas for "Deep Pressure and Heavy Activities for School Age Children.” Great stuff!

Floor Sitter Sale throughout November!

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Happy November!! This month, receive 10% off your entire order when you purchase a Functional Forms Floor Sitter. The Floor Sitter provides firm, yet comfortable support and improves postural alignment and sedentary functioning. The Floor Sitter also helps control extension and flexion of limbs.

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Rug Rat Sale throughout October!

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Consumer Care is now on Twitter!

September 17th, 2010


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Another wonderful success story about the Big Hug!

September 14th, 2010

Tiffany Syverson, Occupational Therapist, Austin Public Schools, Austin, MN

"We have a non-speaking second grader who hasn't initiated much communication using our picture communication system. After one time in the Big Hug, he started requesting the Big Hug by going to the sensory room (we thought he was fleeing) to get the picture of it from his sensory strategies board. We obviously now have it as part of his "choice" board and he initiates regularly. (That and Skittles are about all we get from him!) :) Anyway, the resource teacher caught me today and they had two days (Friday and Monday) with no aggressive behavior (kicking, hitting, biting). That hasn't happened in the four years we've had him.”

Slant Board Sale throughout September!

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HAPPY SEPTEMBER! It's back to school time! For the entire month of September receive 10% off your ENTIRE ORDER when you purchase a Slant Board! Our Slant Board™ is a portable work surface that turns any flat surface into one that helps achieve therapeutic goals. See more about our Slant Boards here:

The Wisconsin State Fair kicks off today!
West Allis, WI

Thursday, August 5th - Sunday, August 15th

The Wisconsin State Fair is here! Are you going to have a cream puff or how about pretty much anything you could imagine "on a stick"! To celebrate the fair, we're going to offer 21% off our ENTIRE FUNCTIONAL FORMS line - and that INCLUDES the BIG HUG! Why 21% you say? Well, that's the number of NEW stick foods available at the fair for 2010! :) Just mention coupon code "FAIR21" when placing your order. Offer good through August 31st, 2010. Not to be combined with any other offers.

The American Occupational Therapy Association
90th Annual Conference & Expo
Orlando, Florida

April 29th, 2010 - May 1st, 2010

Without question, this was the best conference Consumer Care Products has participated in to date. There were 340 vendors exhibiting and over 5,900 attendees!! Let me tell you, Consumer Care’s booth was definitely one of the most popular booths to visit!

Of course we brought an adult sized Big Hug for everyone to try out and at numerous times throughout the show, there was a LINE to get into the Big Hug! Everyone was so excited to try out the Big Hug. The response was FANTASTIC! I kept hearing over and over “This would be PERFECT in our Sensory Room/classroom/facility” and “Oh, a Big Hug…Deep pressure…!? That thing looks awesome, I wanna try it!” And of course once they were in the Big Hug, they had to ask whoever they were with to take a photo of them in it.

Those of you who came to visit us at the show, THANK YOU so much! We hope to see you again soon!

We can't forget about the WINNER of the FREE Big Hug we gave away at the show!

The winner of the FREE Big Hug was Kristy Willis! She has graciously donated the Big Hug to Jan Wooten, an Occupational Therapist who owns Pediatric Therapy Services of Greater Orlando.

I also wanted to thank Karen Seidel, Occupational Therapist, for coming with us to the show. It was great having her there to help answer OT related questions.