The Big Hug™ - Deep Pressure Positioning Aid

The Big Hug™ - Large
The Big Hug™ - Large
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Incline Wedge [$399]

Large (Fits most Teens 60 to 70 inches tall)

This exceptional Functional Form Therapeutic Aid was ergonomically designed to comfort, calm and redirect the energy of children and adults living with Autism or who are Cognitively Disabled and would benefit from deep pressure therapy.

The Big Hug has been found to be effective because it allows the caregiver to simultaneously apply different amounts of soft, wrap-around pressure to six separate areas of the body.

The caregiver or user is then able to release the Big Hug's wraps after the desired amount of individualized sensory needs are obtained.

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Incline Wedge

1 Incline Wedge
Functional Forms Incline Wedges feature a 15 degree incline to help support user in an elevated supine resting position or an elevated prone position to allow for a more active, elevated head position while bearing weight on the forearms. The four adjustable straps can be used to assist in maintaining the trunk in a straight and aligned position.