Rug Rat Scooter Boards™

Rug Rat Scooter Board The Rug Rat Scooter Board™

The Rug Rat Scooter Board™ promotes neuromuscular development of the hands, arms, neck and shoulders in a prone position. The Rug Rat™ features a unique, tip-free design that reduces hazards to hands and increases feelings of security. Built-in positioning belts help support trunk and hips and easy glide casters allow for use on carpeting and hard surfaces. The Rug Rat™ also features an outside edge bumper to protect furniture and walls.

Name Price  
Rug Rat Scooter Board - Small $369.50
Rug Rat Scooter Board - Medium $467.30
Rug Rat Scooter Board - Large $527.07