Poly-Lock™ Plastic Tape Fasteners

PolyLock® Plastic Tape Fasteners

5 to 11 Times Stronger Than Hook & Loop

Poly-Lock® Brand Plastic Tape Fasteners provide a quick, easy, self-locking reclosable fastening system for a variety of applications that need a strong and super durable hold. Fasteners do not require precise alignment to provide secure closure.

Poly-Lock is available in black or clear and with the following grids: 170, 250 and 400. This number refers to the number of mushroom heads per square inch. Type 170 has 170 stems per square inch and so on. The higher the number, the stronger the hold. The 400 grid Poly-Lock is recommended for more permanent uses. The 250 grid Poly-Lock is recommended for everyday use around your house, garage or business.

Replace unslightly, troublesome mechanical parts using fasteners constructed of polyolefin stems with mushroom shaped tops. Use to secure frequently removed parts where tensile strength is required such as: access panels, signs, display components and automobile headliners. Great for many applications instead of hooks, latches, snaps, zippers, dials, screws and more. There are literally thousands of other uses!

Poly-Lock is available in 15' dispenser boxes or 150' rolls. We also offer most of our Poly-Lock in a package with two 4" x 3/4" strips for small jobs.

Please contact us for information about custom cut Poly-lock pieces.

Poly-Lock Plastic Tape Fasteners Feature:

  • Strong, yet removeable fastening
  • Snap/locks to itself
  • Waterproof
  • Lighter weight than mechanical fasteners
  • Long Lasting - 5,000+ closures
  • Easy to apply
  • Easily attaches rigid to rigid surfaces/flexible to rigid surfaces or parts

Choose from several varieties of Poly-Lock® Plastic Tape Fasteners below and click the product code for specific information.

Original Peel & Stick Poly-Lock® Plastic Tape Fastener with PSA (Pressure Sensitive, Peel-Stick Adhesive Backing)

General Purpose Rubber Based Adhesive (GPR) Backing - Initial high tack - not long term

Item # Price Color Adhesive Grid Size
4B-1 $52.94 Black Rubber 400 1" x 15'
4B-3 $211.76 Black Rubber 400 1" x 150'
4B-4 $472.98 Black Rubber 400 2" x 150'
Clear High Performance Adhesive PSA (Pressure Sensitive, Peel-Stick Adhesive Backing) Backed Fastener

Auto Grade Acrylic Adhesive Backed Poly-Lock® provides all the same benefits as the original Poly-Lock® Plus the following features:
(A) Clarity for color compatibility
(B) Medium density grid patterns of interlocking heads
(C) Suitable for rigid to rigid, rigid to flexible surface fastening
(D) High heat and anti-plasticizer adhesive backing for use when temperatures range from -20°F to 200°F

Item # Price Color Adhesive Grid Size
4I-3 $81.46 Clear Acrylic 250 1" x 15'
4I-5 $327.22 Clear Acrylic 250 1" x 150'
4I-6 $796.82 Clear Acrylic 250 2" x 150'
Rubber Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backed Fastener

This fastener with general purpose rubber based adhesive backing is designed for general purpose use on clean, dry where surfaces temperatures do not exceed -20°F to 120°F.

Item # Price Color Adhesive Grid Size
4K-1 $51.62 Black Rubber 250 1" x 15'
4K-2 $206.46 Black Rubber 250 1" x 150'
4K-6 $487.18 Black Rubber 250 2" x 150'
High Heat Adhesive Backed Fastener

The High Heat Auto Grade Adhesive backed fastener is designed for use when temperatures may range from -20°F to 200°F (-29°C to 93°C) and/or for maximum adhesion to most other flexible plastics including vinyl.

Item # Price Color Adhesive Grid Size
4L-2 $85.76 Black Acrylic 250 1" x 15'
4L-3 $343.07 Black Acrylic 250 1" x 150'